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Photos of Stuff!

So yesterday night my friend Polly and I had a photoshoot. She modeled my pink dress, mini bloomers, and purple gingham dress.

New swimsuit and new dress sneaky peeky!

So remember those two fabrics I bought, the yellow swimsuit fabric and the pink plaid seersucker?

Well they’ve now reached fruition and are two delicious pieces of garmentry!

The bathing suit, in the same style as the last two I made (for my mom and I)…I love that pattern so much!

And here’s a peek at the dress I will be posting official pictures of. My lovely friend Polly should be modeling it if all goes as planned! She should also be appearing in new bloomer pictures (i.e. not super photoshopped pictures taken in my cluttery room). Anyway, pink dress:

Stuff for my lovely cousins!

I made some clothes for the cousins. For the older one, I made a pair of bandanna pants….

If you want to make pants like these, I’ll let you know it’s VERY easy. Especially since the bandanna edges come finished already. For a tutorial, visit this link.

Anyway, I also made the 5 month old twins a matching set. One’s a boy, one’s a girl, so I made a pair of overalls and a jumper. So cute.

I’ve made a silk robe!

….and let me tell you, it was a pain in the butt. Shoulda bought rather than drafted the pattern, and should never sew with silk again!

But it came out cute (after the struggle).

Mom’s swimsuit

This is a swimsuit I made for my mom out of a blue polyester lycra. She loves it! I used Burdastyle’s Alison pattern which is a (free) swimsuit pattern!

Rose Trellis Dress

Finished another very simple babydoll sundress and lovin’ it!

Seersucker Ahoy Dress

I finished this dress in one day because it was one of those See-And-Sew patterns. It’s a nice basic pattern that I feel like I can use often, and it was only $2.99 at JoAnn’s. I wore it to a local fair which was a fun time, and the seersucker was nice in the heat.