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These streets will make you feel brand new…

Yep, I visited New York City again recently! I do love going to NYC, every time I find something awesome and new to me.

I actually went two days in a row. Most recently I went to see Cirque du Soleil (their Wintuk show) and ate at Ellen’s Stardust Diner where all the wait staffs sings because they are aspiring Broadway actors! (which was so cool, I recommend it! Go to the site, you can watch the wait staff live on the homepage!)

Anyway, the day before was the Fashion District which was good too. I have some pictures.

This shopfront had loads of vintage sewing machines on display. So cool! It was in the SoHo area.

Times Square at night.

Who’d have thought the GSUSA building was in the fashion district?

And of course the tree at Rockefeller Center.

How I Stay Warm In My Freezing School

It’s really cold in my school and I’m sure it’s like that in other peoples’ schools too. So…how do I stay warm? Well, I do stay very cozy most of the day and the main reason is layering. I don’t get caged into wearing jeans every single day! Here are my tricks:

1. Sweater-knit tights. They are SO warm. Probably warmer than leggings and definitely cuter. I got mine at JCPenney’s but they also sell them at American Eagle, Target, etc. A lot of times they have patterns knit in, like so:

2. Cardigans. Especially thick, chunky ones - that way I can take them off if I enter a room that’s relatively warm! I get them at a local retail warehouse. There’s quite a few in the women’s section of department stores as well - just skip over the Junior’s section, if you’re seriously cold nothing there is heavy-duty enough to keep you warm.

3. Cami’s under everything. Luckily, since it’s cold out, now’s the time cami’s are on sale. If you wear a cami under every shirt every day you’ll be about five times warmer than without. In fact, get them with lace on them so they’re prettier at the hem!

4. Boots. They are FAR warmer than flats because they cover your entire foot and then some. I have a plain brown faux suede pair. They match pretty much everything.

5. A selection of coats. I have a raincoat, a fancy coat, a waterproof ski jacket, a down-filled short coat, and a long wool coat. That way I can pick a coat for any occasion or weather. They can be found pretty cheaply at outlet stores, or in my case, I sewed two of them myself.

Holiday apron

I made this holiday apron to use…you know…during the holidays. I followed the same design as I used for my Spanish teacher and her friend. I like it a lot.

Oh look, lucky you - a shot of my cat AND my apron. Cute!

Lady Grey Coat!

Finally, I finished my coat! And now people want me to make some for them as well!

So glad I can finally wear it. 

Fall Wardrobe

So, I know that for the normal person it’s a little early to be thinking about a fall wardrobe but for the seamstress…it’s about time!

My sewing plans for the fall/winter include the following:

Burdastyle’s Zoe jumper in a nice wool (probably with added bust darts to make the look more shapely), maybe in a berry hue:

Burdastyle’s Celestina is a nice dress, and it seems to be good for both summer AND winter. I think I’d make it in a jewel tone print; maybe a deep aqua-ish color!

I definitely like the shape of this wrap dress, the pattern for which was posted by burdastyle member erdronen. This I envision in a more-or-less neutral color like brown or ivory.

I have great ideas for the basic t-shirt pattern Lydia. First I plan on making a long sleeved babydoll dress using Lydia and the adorable thermal fabric I recieved last Christmas. Secondly I plan on making a long sleeved basic tee shirt dress. I’m not sure if I’d make it in a print or in a solid but we’ll see!

I have some tan colored wool coating which I want to make the Lady Grey Coat by Colette Patterns from. I got it from a friend who was moving. Maybe this time I’ll actually bother putting in a lining…I’m kind of lazy sometimes :-)

Speaking of Colette, I am hoping to get for Christmas the following Colette patterns: Rooibos, Parfait, and possibly Cinnamon as ell.


I want to make a Kasia skirt, maybe in fun polka dots or something!

Speaking of polka dots, this polka dot skirt really captured my attention - not just the skirt itself, but the styling. One like it could make a nice skirt for winter. Dang, I’m gonna need to get some sweater-knit tights. I’ve only got two pairs!

Next up, I am hoping to make the cardigan wrap variation of the Andrew cardigan out of a sweatshirt knit. 

I also want to make a flannel pajama set or two, a holiday apron, a pair of ballet-style slippers, and a Sabrina jumper, if I have time. I will probably be making a few of my new(ish) Butterick patterns as well.